Why read this Book?

Do you find that what you see, hear, read about in the world situation is just not helping you be or stay uplifted?  Have you found that the last two or more years have been weighing heavily? I have grandchildren and I am concerned about the world they are heading in to.  Are you? 

Well that is exactly what prompted me to write this book.  This is why I encourage you to read this book.

Perhaps wrods from the book will explain it even better: 

“Deep within my heart I see a world where generations of different cultures, races, languages and symbols all accept and offer kindness to each other. I see a world where there is collaboration among nations to help each other through natural disasters, pandemics and climate crises. I see a world where everyone is cared for without barriers created by race, national boundaries, ability or level of financial capabilities. I see a world where employment will take on a different way of being and leaders will know how to help everyone be successful. I see a world where families and neighbourhoods care for themselves, each other, the environment and the world.”

taken from Chapter 1, The Path to a More Inspiring Future

by Marie Knapp EdD

I became inspired. The state of the world has to change. Making such large global changes requires changes within each person first. This book can help you make that inner change. I want this book to help people become inspired and in so doing will help the world become inspired. To do this, people need to be able to take charge of their life, make the needed changes within and move outward to others. This must lead to action steps. While it is pleasant to ponder the good things in life, the change we hope for needs individuals to become so passionate about their vision of a possible future that their passion expands outward to others and the inspiration grows. In this way, we will have a more inspiring future.

The Path to a More Inspiring Future

By Marie Knapp EdD

The Path to a More Inspiring Future

When unexpected changes occur can it serve as an opportunity to create a world that is more  inspiring? This book is about taking charge of your life while authentically and courageously making  a difference.  As Ghandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. This book is about enhancing your self-awareness, and your personal life, uplifting how you relate to your world and having the courage to take meaningful steps for a more inspiring future. It is a self-paced reflective journey to action. It is a chance to move from helplessness to hopefulness to taking meaningful steps forward for a better world.

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Would you like to discuss the concepts written in the book and are not sure how to start?

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> building a group or a team or a family, OR
> some other inspiring or creative idea you would love to pursue

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