What is Your Life Purpose?
Jul 23, 2022

I just listened to a YouTube video by Alise Cortez, an inspiring woman who also did her doctorate on life meaning and Purpose and followed it with post doctoral research. I met Alise on a Zoom call with Lance Secretan. 

In the video, Alise asked an audience what was their life purpose, their reason for existing. Most audiences tell her they don’t know. Here is a way you can begin your process of finding out for yourself.  What is it that you absolutely love doing?  It uplifts you. It is your passion. You feel you are making a difference in some way when you do this. 

Here is my personal example: I absolutely love doing something that uplifts people or a specific person.  I want them to feel more comfortable going forward in their lives in a meaningful way.  Sometimes it is simply telling a person I love their smile.  Sometimes it is far more complex in offering Reiki or a workshop or a retreat or walking together in nature and discussing life’s concerns.  As a retiree I miss that.  This is the underlying reason for me writing a book, writing a blog post and having a website.  I am now planning another book and get excited thinking about it. I am carrying on my life purpose without a job or position. 

What is it that you are passionate about?  What do you miss in your current life situation that you really want to get back in some form or other?  Are you talking about this with friends and family?

Send me an email about your passion, your sense of life meaning and purpose and help me with how I will approach my next book.  marieknapp206@gmail.com

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I met Alise through Lance Secretan.  Both are mainly focused on working with purpose and inspirational leadership. 

In order not to end up with this going to your junk mail, I will no give you their website. You can find both by using your web browser and searching Lance Secretan or Alise Cortez for their respective websites and YouTube videos and podcasts.

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