Reflections on Spring
May 20, 2022

May long weekend was always a signpost that gave us permission to plant seedlings and seeds in the part of Ontario where I live. Weather patterns lead the way. The life cycle of plants being so much shorter than human life gifts us with the opportunity to witness its entirety.

Late April saw a grand awakening as several wild flowers nudged their way through the soil and leaf remains from fall’s dropping. Each has its turn. Each knows exactly when it is best. Perhaps it is the warmth or maybe the length of daylight. Or is it an inborn intention of each individual natural life form to just intuitively know. How wise!

Not long ago but quite early in the season rhubarb poked it reddish knobby head through the soil. Leaves formed quickly. Speedily the stalks enlarged and the leaves expanded.  How does the plant build such fiber and flesh and reach maturity within a few weeks?  It is ready for harvesting now. It seems the underground roots are bathed with intentional knowing. Each cell inherently knows when and how to expand.  Year after year the process repeats. How much slower is our life process. Is the rhubarb also aware of time in a different dimension?  Do our roots lie in waiting till the right conditions exist for our conception and birth?  The life cycle of some trees is much slower than humans. If such a tree could talk would we hear that trees see us poke our heads from the womb of our mothers and grow at a speed that would seem fast to the slowly changing tree? Do rocks also have a life cycle that is far longer than any other life form?

Each of us is an individual part of this whole universe yet we are all one, intertwined and interconnected.  What happens to any life in nature happens to us as we are also part of nature.  What happens to any living human happens to all of us. 

In Spring it seems everything wakes up. Blossoms are abundant in May and June. Our own spirit is uplifted and we fill with enthusiasm. We are one and we all respond to the growth and blossoming in our own way.  Thank you Spring. Welcome.



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