A Drop in the Bay
May 9, 2022

Forward thinking scientists have been able to demonstrate oneness. “We are one”.

Imagine yourself a drop of water in Georgian Bay. As a drop of water you have your own qualities and characteristics.  Whatever happens in Georgian Bay affects you as a drop of water too.

Let’s look at the implications. What has been occurring in Ottawa or Ukraine or Moscow or Washington or the centre of where you live has sent ripple effects out everywhere. Just like when one person in your family is hurting or ill it affects the whole family.

We can be the epicentre of uplifting positive ripple effects too. The more people who spend intentional time in an inner space of calm and compassionate love, the grander the ripple effect. Smile.

Find your inner light and remove the shades of fear and judgement. Let your light become so bright that it spreads beyond you and helps rekindle the light in others. Expect ripple effects to affect others because we are all one … like the drops of water in Georgian Bay 🥰

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