Regain Your Inner Strength
Feb 20, 2022

Is your mind wandering aimlessly?  Perhaps confusion dulls the very part of you that knits together all that you are.  I know that feeling.

Ottawa, Ukraine, Covid, Mental  Illness, grief.  Do you feel stuck! Do you feel afraid?

Let the pages of The Path To a More Inspiring Future talk to you.  Take a few moments to be still. In the stillness notice your inner strength and watch it begin to glow. You do have inner strength that is deep within you.  Let it light the flame of your spirit and feel it flow through you. Allow the beauty and the grounded experience of nature be your foundation.  Breathe it in to your heart.

You can do this every day, every hour, every minute. Let it connect you to the highest power and feel the strength throughout your whole self. With this feeling within you, you have the capability to strengthen the power of love and integrity and truth in the world we live in. Yes you can do it.

With love, Marie



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