What does loving yourself mean?
Feb 8, 2022

Happy Valentine’s Day

The picture above was taken in the Guatemala City dump project. These little children were given opportunities to learn and be in a safe environment by volunteers. It was a project set up in the early 1990s and still growing to offer programs to women who live in the dump area. Do you think these people are learning to love themselves? Can you imagine how their self esteem is rising? Are the volunteers also learning more about love of self and others?

This mini article talks about what it means to love yourself. Not from an egocentric perspective but instead loving even your weaknesses.

As we move into February the symbol of hearts dominates retail, cards, advertising … well everything. The Path to a More Inspiring Future suggests it is important that you love yourself in order to love others.  Loving yourself is not meant to promote consumerism, capitalism, spending large amounts of money on travel or recreational purchases.  Loving yourself goes far deeper to that place that is more closely connected to your inner critic, the part of you that tends to put yourself down or the parts of you that you don’t like. It also refers to the parts of yourself you prefer to avoid or suppress because you really do not like them.

Loving yourself means that you acknowledge and accept your weaknesses, your pitfalls, and your under developed areas.  We all have them. There are a variety of reasons they are there. What matters is that we admit them to ourselves and learn to love that part of ourselves too. Opening the door to learn from those parts of ourselves helps us to accept those same things in other people. When we can accept our own weak areas, we are far less likely to put those areas down in others. “People who do not love themselves often cannot love unconditionally. If you do not love yourself, you may still be able to offer caring and kindness to others but chances are you need something in return. You need also to receive their love.” page48.

 I am who I am.

My imperfections show me

new ways to enhance my being.

My regrets become an opportunity

to learn, to forgive self, to forgive others.

I love all that I am

without judgement,

with openness

to learn and willingness

to love my self.

                                                                 page 49



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