Spreading Joy and Inspiration; Making a Difference
Jan 31, 2022

The weather yesterday cooperated beautifully. Bob (my husband who takes amazing photos) and I met a friend and snowshoed together on a property rich with varied landforms and trees. The 4km excursion touched my inner being as I sensed being at one with nature.  Being at one.  What does it mean? What is that experience all about.

I walk through the trees. The essence of nature becomes my essence too. It always was but now I can feel it.  Like I am a walking tree. Weird though that may sound, once you have experienced it, you feel the awe of the moment. People have recorded that awe when experiencing a sunset or taking in the magical expanses of water or watching an infant or toddler explore their universe. When we feel that awe it sparks joy within us; it is contagious. It ripples out from us and people around us feel it. A unique experience of oneness.

Over this past weekend we have heard of the raucous occurring in downtown Ottawa, our nation’s capital. A convoy of truckers and others have taken over the downtown for a variety of reasons, possibly because they want to be heard. Some seem eager to to act out for whatever reason.  How does oneness apply? I wonder if their emotional outcries have the potential effect of spreading because of oneness. I wonder if spreading a sense of a differing perspective coupled with emotion has an effect on many who may not agree with the protest but begin to feel the need for collaboration with those who think differently.

I wonder if those who have a vision of a world that is more inspiring could also have far reaching effects simply by making a point of sharing their vision coupled with the passion of their beliefs. I wonder if we could take hold of a dream of a peaceful world with a reduction in the current polarity that seems evident in so many nations. Could we create a world working toward a sense of collaboration and caring for all peoples, the poor and homeless as well as those who have quite enough, those of a different race or culture or religious view.

What if we all made a point of feeling the passion of our beliefs and lived it not just in words but in action from our hearts. I think the world would begin to shift. I think we would notice a change in our home and our community and our area.  I believe we could make a difference. I believe it can be done without anger and violence but with caring and support, with love and inspiration.  We can speak up authentically and write about it.  I believe we can make a difference.

Till next time, Marie

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