The Mirror in My Mind
Jan 24, 2022

A few nights ago, when I awoke around 3am, for some unknown reason my mind took me back through all the blunders my memory was hanging on to.  I questioned myself, “Is this a review of my life? Am I dying? Why is this happening?”  I chose not to linger in that self critical place yet that feeling lingered.

This morning I read a poem by John Roedel on Facebook. He wrote of his reaction to the mirror on the wall and I am now reflecting on the mirror in my mind. That is the mirror that reflects my imperfections and for some reason the other night that mirror chose to go to extremes. Too much down time; too much time to explore my past and reprimand the self with many blunders. Today, especially after reading the poem, I changed my inner glasses, altering my self critic to one of recognizing the learning and growth when risking enough to blunder. Today I honour my courage.

Those who have read my book will be reminded of the time I offered a retreat where we focused on courage.  Now is the time when you need to reenact your courage to risk taking new steps toward a more inspiring future. Notice how often you have been courageous through rough times. You can do this. I can do this. We can support each other by sharing one small courageous step each one of us is taking toward a more inspiring future. One small step at at time. Be courageous.

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I wish you a courageous week. Notice how it changes your sense of self and lifts you up. Be strong and resilient.

Till next time,




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