How do we know truth?
Jan 15, 2022

Someone’s message twigged in me a new understanding of truth.  Some may wonder if there is such a thing.  Do you tell yourself the truth?  What I tell myself may be a justification of something I said or did but I am really being honest with myself?  Can we allow both sides of any concept to merge together in our mind to come closer to what is truth?

The Path to a More Inspiring FutureConsider reading or rereading the section on Truthfulness in the book I wrote.  Here are some quotes:

page 106 “I see a strong connection between truthfulness and authenticity. Being authentic begins by telling ourselves the truth — by being truthful to ourselves.”

Page 106 “As well as speaking truth to yourself, it is also important to share truth with others. Most of us would like to believe we are always truthful. Are you sure there are not ways you could be more truthful?”

Page 107 “Truthfulness is how we develop integrity. It is how we are honest.”

“Truthfulness be my inspiration.

Lead me to deeper self awareness.

Give me a helping hand

to reach out authentically.

Be my loving companion.

Your contribution encourages

self forgiveness for my imperfections.

You help me suspend judgement.

I am grateful.”

I would be very interested in reading your understanding of truthfulness. It may be a growing understanding that is currently in flux but sharing it may be just what another needs to take it a step further.  In today’s world there is a lot of concern over what is actually true.  Your thoughts?



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