Being Encouraged; Encouraging Others.
Jan 7, 2022

Today the air is crisp and cold. It is sunny and sufficient snow has finally fallen to dress up the trees, some naked due to their deciduous nature. Today nature smiles at me and I am feeling more uplifted, more encouraged, more inspired.  Today after a challenging week, I feel a little more enthusiastic with touches of greater initiative nudging me forward.

Feeling encouraged spawns more positivity. Knowing this I am more attentive to encouraging others. It may be only a small gesture like a smile, a nod, a gentle nudge when someone is hesitant that encourages movement forward. Sometimes a simple question builds the self esteem needed to take the next step. Sometimes it is an observation of a person’s inner strength that triggers the courage needed to take action.

In my smallness

I stand tall.

Courage nudges me forward

with unfamiliar strength;

Every day a new day;

Every step a new step.

Courage strengths me, embraces me,

moves me.

Taken from The Path to a More Inspiring Future pg 28



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