As we linger…
Nov 29, 2021

As we linger in sadness with an unsettled foundation of rapid changes, our heads swirl. Are we safe from the virus? Are we safe with the vaccine? Are we safe from possible floods and mudslides and blizzards and tornadoes and wild fires and too much melting of glaciers?  Will we lack safe drinking water, food, shelter?

And then we pause.  We notice that these thoughts and worries are pulling us down, down, down. Suicides, overdoses, addictions, may be attempts to cover the problems of the world. Do they work? Increases in anxiety and depression arise out of the lingering. How can we make a difference?

It is most important to build our inner strength. Not hide from reality but rather do as generations have done before us, mustering our courage to be true to who we are and use our uniqueness to rekindle the light that we so desperately need to bring about the changes we need to make. We need to raise to consciousness what our hearts would truly love to see in a more inspiring future. Gandhi once said that we have to become the change we wish to see in the world.  We can do this!  We can make a difference.

Consider reading the book The Path To a More Inspiring Future. Follow the process in this self-guided reflective journey to action. Just for today do not worry or be angry. Feel gratitude for all that you have. Be true to yourself and who you are. Show compassion for yourself and for others.  Let us each commit to uplifting the hearts of a few and watch as the hearts of many are then uplifted and begin to feel empowered to do what needs to be done.

Marie Knapp



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