The Path to a More Inspiring Future

By Marie Knapp EdD

The Path to a More Inspiring Future

When unexpected changes occur can it serve as an opportunity to create a world that is more inspiring?  Yes, you bet it can! People are hungry for that change! You can take authentically and courageously make a difference!  Read that again. YOU CAN COURAGEOUSLY AND AUTHENTICALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

As Gandhi said, “You must BE the change you wish to see in the world”.  That is the premise from which I wrote this book. I have spent a lot of time focusing on contributing and making the world something we seek after, something that inspires us to continue enlivening it. Here is what I have learned from my experience.

You can make a difference by enhancing your own self-awareness, and your personal life, uplifting how you relate to your world and having the courage to take meaningful action steps for a more inspiring future. This book offers you a self-paced reflective journey to action. You get a chance to move from helplessness to hopefulness to taking meaningful steps forward for a better world.

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About Author

Marie Knapp EdD

I live with my husband on 8 acres of land with the Niagara Escarpment a prominent feature running through the middle of our property. Our 3 adult children grew up there about 1 KM outside of Owen Sound, Ontario.

I went to graduate school at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), a part of the University of Toronto.  It was then a very forward looking learning institution with many opportunities to expand one’s awareness. My mind was opened up while studying there.  In the doctoral program, I focused on how adults make changes in their lives related to what is meaningful to them. My interest in life-meaning was always part of my curious endeavours. Researching material related to life meaning and purpose brought me to the work of Dr Victor Frankl and many others. I created an evidence informed workshop to guide people through a process of finding their meaning and making changes to enhance that meaning in their lives.

Since then, I have become more and more consciously aware of what is meaningful to me.  I love nature and have often connected with the forest as I grew personally in marriage, parenting, college leadership roles, teaching nursing, practicing Reiki and several other family and community activities. My dream is to inspire others who will in turn inspire others, making the world a more inspiring place for all. I want people to see their life purpose as serving others in ways that are meaningful to them.

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About the Book

From page 15 of The Path To A More Inspiring Future
by Marie Knapp EdD

“I want to inspire you to see that you have the inner power to make a difference.
You can create a vision for your future that you feel strongly connected to – so
strongly connected that you gain a sense of inner strength and hope wells up
within you. This vision will inspire you to take steps.”

From page 32 of The Path To A More Inspiring Future
by Marie Knapp EdD

“You are courageous! Finding your courage for the steps ahead of you may even be easier than you think. Courage is the starting point for almost every new concept we bring into our lives. There is beauty in courage. It is inner beauty others can see when they say someone is beautiful inside and out.”

From page 41 of The Path To A More Inspiring Future
by Marie Knapp EdD

“When you bring your awareness to your heart, you begin to notice a sensation there. Do you feel it? It can grow as you allow it. At first you may feel only a sense of fullness. Then you realize that fullness is love. Just be with it. You will feel it more fully as you nourish it and allow it to expand.”

This is a beautifully written and spiritually uplifting book on living a full and intentional lifestyle.  It teaches us about compassion and caring as well as giving us wise and helpful advice on achieving our best possible ‘selves.’  It fed my soul.

Each and every chapter was filled with beautiful poetry and prose, loving insights, and incredible wisdom.  This is a book I treasure.

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